Build the complete business/startup website

Everything you need to set up a professional business and make sales today
Course Created by Sam
I am a serial entrepreneur, web and mobile app developer, and founder of Oh Hai Yo web & iOS consultancy. I am a massive geek and can often be found at tech events around HK such as Angelhack and Startup Weekend and have been a guest panellist for General Assembly.

After working for a year in a small web firm I have spent the last 5 years in finance specialising in front to back Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) in Flex and HTML5 with a focus on java and node.js on the backend. I lead tech and programming sessions and organise speaker sessions to increase awareness of the latest web technologies and teach developers using practical examples.

You can find me on twitter at @ohhaiyodev and I will always reply as soon as possible.

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In this course I will teach you how to make a complete web presence without writing code. Your site will include
  • A completely customised sales landing page with images, texts, feature bubbles and image carousel to entice buyers
  • eCommerce through Paypal to accept payment for your product or service straight away
  • Google Analytics to know exactly who is visiting and converting
  • Mailchimp for mailing lists to build your brand following and increase future purchases
  • Google apps for business or Zoho mail for professional email and app solution
  • Wordpress blog to provide fresh material to your customers andincrease backlinks/SEO
And you will have all of this up in less than 3 hours!You can see examples of final solutions at, and

This course is perfect for you if want to make a landing page for your big new idea, your first eCommerce site or you just want to build your personal website at last. Perfect for people who aren't developers.

Never pay for a developer again or have to wait for weeks to put a site live.

Have the power to experiment with product/service ideas quickly

Have your first website live in less than 60 minutes

"Sam has a knack for boiling things down to their simplest levels. He makes the whole process, which could be very daunting, simple. The step by step instructions make it easy to set up a really professional looking website with its own domain and corresponding email addresses and ecommerce ability in no time. It really gives your business, hobby, club or just family online presence a polished look that a address or service based website can't. For the price this course is a steal and will be the best money you have spent in a long time." 5*

"Sam makes it all super easy to understand with clear walkthroughs. Perfectly suited to beginner website developer enthusiasts, and a few good tips for more intermediate people (like myself) as well!" 

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to build a stylish and functional business website
  • Start taking payments on your product/idea
  • Set up a professional email address
  • Create a mailing list to engage customers
  • Build a website blog

Who Is This For?

  • Small business owners
  • Startups
  • Anyone who wishes to build a web presence
  • Anyone who wants to rapidly build websites to experiment with ideas

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1

Chapter 2: Domain Name & Hosting

  • Lesson 2
    Choosing the best domain to…
  • Lesson 3
    Buying your domain
  • Lesson 4
    Introduction to cPanel

Chapter 3: Setting up email

  • Lesson 5
    Choosing an email provider
  • Lesson 6
    Setting up your email with …
  • Lesson 7
    Setting up your email with …

Chapter 4: Creating your Website

  • Lesson 8
    Select the perfect free des…
  • Lesson 9
    Choosing an editor to make …
  • Lesson 10
    Create your first website

Chapter 5: Basic HTML to enhance your site

  • Lesson 11
    Introduction to section
  • Lesson 12
    Adding sections to your sit…
  • Lesson 13
    Basic HTML: bold, italic, w…
  • Lesson 14
    Adding Images
  • Lesson 15
    Use Cascading Style Sheets …
  • Lesson 16
    More advanced layout
  • Lesson 17
    More on CSS
  • Lesson 18
    Changing your fonts to huge…
  • Lesson 19
    Changing your header links …
  • Lesson 20
    Add extra pages to your web…

Chapter 6: Uploading your website

  • Lesson 21
    Using Filezilla to upload o…

Chapter 7: Adding the extras

  • Lesson 22
    Know who is visiting your s…
  • Lesson 23
    Retain your audience and cu…
  • Lesson 24
    Take payments for sales RIG…
  • Lesson 25
    Adding a Wordpress Blog (Bo…
  • Lesson 26
    Styling your Blog (Bonus Le…

Chapter 8: Conclusion

  • Lesson 27
    Wrap Up

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)