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Whats up everyone, Now in this one, now I am going to speak to you like this because I really want to share some general ideas but then after this I am going to get into seven very specific steps to help you build a ten thousand person, and beyond email list. The reason I use those big numbers is because I want to get you thinking big. I want to get you thinking outside of like five or ten leads or ten leads a day, anything like this and I want you to start thinking bigger because it's just as easy to generate a thousand leads as it is to generate ten leads.One of the things I want to kick this thing off with, is you know what, think big because I spent so long thinking that a lead here and a lead there was good, but you want to think big, okay. Now, with that being, said let's go ahead and start from a foundation that some people might be brand new, and not even understand email marketing or understand the importance of it. Again, when I talk about building an email list, here is why. Because I want to teach you how to make money online. Now in order to make money, you need to sell something, right? You need to sell something.Now what is sales? Sales is effective communication. That's what sales is, whether it's a written sales page, whether it's a video like this no matter what it is, it's effective communication. It's your ability to be able to commune a message to somebody in the way that they'll sell it. Now the good news about online marketing is that there is plenty of sales experts out there that will let us just drive traffic straight to their sales pages. If we want to make money, we have to sell something. We either have to become experts at this effective communication or we have to go find people that are experts at this and drive traffic to their videos or their sales pages online, and we get paid a commission for every single sale that comes in.That's affiliate marketing 101. How does an email list play into this? Well, email list are one of the most affective ways to drive traffic. Now, no matter what anybody might tell you, some people even think email lists are dead, but listen I have personally I have a fifty thousand person email list in the make money online niche. A niche that everybody thinks is completely saturated, right? I have a fifty thousand person list and that list continually makes me over a million dollars per year in net commissions. That is after expenses, right. A million dollars per year income from a fifty thousand person list.Now I am sure that must be or probably is above average which is why I am saying let's just get you to a ten thousand person list. If I am leveraging literally a list that's five times that size and making a million, then I think it's safe to say that we can help you with the ten thousand person list. I think that right now if you do it right, you have a good list that you can make roughly ten thousand dollars a month or twenty thousand dollars a month or as maybe as much as even fifty thousand dollars a month or more. It all depends ... Now I am not, of course guaranteeing any income, but I am explaining to you that's why you want to build a big, massive list, because I am telling you, the bigger this list is, of pre-qualified people who you're able to build rapport with and build your tribe with, the more money you're going to be able to make.The best part about an email list is you build it once and you can continue to market to that list over and over and over for days, weeks, months and even years, okay? How you build a list? How you build a list is basically you have some sort of a page on the internet that creates, captures an email and it captures possibly even a name. Basically just information but the most important thing is an email. As long as you have captured that information, then you have the ability to be able to email them. I think that what I teach is I think it's important for you to capture that email yourself. The reason I feel that this is important, is because, instead of just buying somebody else's list or instead of buying leads out there, you really don't know what you're getting into and most of the time I don't see people getting good results with that.When you build your own list, when you create value, and people give you their email contact information, when you create your own list it's powerful, because now, people are subscribing for you so you're starting to build what I call a "Tribe" Okay, your starting to build your own tribe, your own community that you can communicate with and deliver value to and of course even sell products to. What I have seen is you need ... You can have a much smaller list and create results that other people are creating with hundreds of thousands of leads even over a million leads if you do it right.Let's recap before we dive into these seven steps. I want to make sure you understand this, is that number one, you want to build a big massive list, okay, think big, you want to do that. Number two, the second thing I want to tell you about is really why you want to build the list. You want to build the list because over time, as you build it, this list becomes worth a lot of money over time, okay? To the point of maybe one day you get to my position, and you have a fifty thousand person list, which is made up of people earn for free and is made up of buyers, people who have bought products. It's like an assortment, a different variety of people that are there. A fifty thousand person list, that I only ever paid for once, building on my own over time, is now making me over a million dollars per year.Okay. Before we get started, I want to give you basically four quick things to focus on, okay. This is prior to the seven steps to build your ten thousand person email list. The four big things I want yo have you to focus on right out about here, is this one. You guys should write this down real quick. Number one. Start today and start simple. Start today and start simple. Listen, here is the biggest problem people run into. Is they over-complicate the entire process. You want to start today and you want to start very very simple. Okay. Do not think of anything crazy, okay. One of the tips I am going to give you in the seven steps you going to kind of even see my Periscope strategy as an example. I am using free social media like Facebook and Periscope and even Pinterest, and all of these stuff using free, free, free, free, social media and being able to generate a tonne of leads from if. Thousands and thousands of leads.You do not need to complicate this, you don't need fancy software. Software simply starts to multiplying your efforts. Software simply helps automate the process but you can do this manually even for free and generate thousands of leads. You got to start today. After watching this module, start immediately, and start simple. There is no reason that you have to learn anything new. After this module today, you should be able to start building a list. Okay, that was the first thing I wanted to focus on.The second thing I want to focus on is this. Realize that you're building what we call L.T.V. Long-term value, okay? Or in the email subscriber worth, this is like the worth, this like the value of your email subscribers, okay? Over time you got to realize that, you might have a subscriber and maybe you might have a thousand subscribers or ten thousand subscribers and maybe you send it off and only a handful of people even buy it. See you might get this, you know, what a lot of people do is they get the press so they think, man this isn't working and what you're failing to realize is that, email marketing is a long-term gain, so you might look at one individual campaign you're on and it might not work that well but if you look at all the campaigns that you've run over the entire year, from email and add all that up, the actual amount of money that you're making per visitor is staggering. I mean, it's incredibly high when you look at the long-term picture.When you're first getting started, it's going to be ramping up slow, okay, but over time you're going to get like learn and you're going to get a little bit better and over time it starts ramping-up. Again, it's a long-term play. You basically paying once to do some marketing or advertising to get an asset which is somebody who subscribes to your list and then over time, you know, they open emails they get to know you and over time and they start buying some stuff from you maybe buying multiple products if you get good and you build a good Tribe and so what happens is, you might end up in a position where a fifty thousand-person list, if every single person on a fifty thousand person list was worth one dollar a year to you, then that will be fifty thousand dollars a year, okay? If everybody was, if every single person is worth ten dollars per person to you, then fifty thousand times ten will be five hundred thousand. See you will be making five hundred thousand dollars a year.If every single subscriber was worth twenty dollars to you, then twenty times the fifty thousand will be a million dollars a year. Think about that. I am able to go out and build an email list for like a dollar or two per lead for getting really high quality leads or some of the methods I use for free which I want to teach you. I am doing anywhere from a free, free leads to like two dollars per lead, and yet these leads are worth upwards of twenty dollars, okay, on average. Here is the thing, you got to realize that. Once you realize the long-term value, you may not make it all back initially but once you really start to realize that, once you have that long-term thinking, it's huge.I want you to write down the letters L.T.V: Long-Term Value. Once you get that, once you understand that, it may not hit you today, but later on like six months from now you'll start to realize the long-term value of people on your list will often time far surpass any sort of cost it took you to to build the list. You're Basically investing words to grow and build your list, and then you're reaping the rewards weeks and months and years later down the road. L.T.V: Long-term value, long-term subscriber value, okay.The third thing is ... Once you learn how to build a list you going to be emailing the list. Well, there is two things that conflict with each other. There is two things that conflict with each other. Now this is important to understand because I ... You got to find a good balance between these two. The first thing is, you going to hear everybody say, be yourself, Okay. Everybody is going to say, hey, be yourself, just let your own personality shine, you know, just be yourself to your list. Now, that is extremely important because what too many people do in the industry, is they just copy email swipes, they basically copy other people's emails and send them to their list thinking, wow, that person is an expert at copy writing, so let me just copy that email and send it to my list.Ensure you are going to get some results there but what you're going to hear people say is, be yourself, okay, let your own personality shine because if somebody watch the video of you and then opted in, they wanted ... There is something that they like about that, they want to experience that same recurring experience through email. Email is a way that you can continue to deliver that same value that they subscribed for in the first place, okay? Be yourself, but here is the big kicker, but, you've also got to know your audience well.Be yourself but know your audience well, okay. This is important. An example would be, let's say that yourself, your ... Let's say the version of you is your someone who is extremely technical and extremely advanced. It might be in your best, you know, your best thought will be, let me get super technical people because they love it. Well that may or may not be true. You've got to think about them. You've got to learn about your list. What is it that they like? For all you know, your list might be complete beginners. Absolute beginners who are overwhelmed by the technical stuff but they appreciate you, they appreciate that you know it and that's why they trust you but what they're looking or is a simple explanation of everything. That might be the case, or you might be treating your list super simplistic when really most of them are technical and advanced because maybe they came in off of a lot of people came in maybe off some technical trainings you did.You got to learn to know your list. Be yourself, but tailor your content to meet the needs of your list. This is something that I can't stress too much. I made this mistake when I first got started. When I first got started, my big thing I was doing was I was teaching people how to literally make enormous amounts of money because the people that I was connecting with were all six figure earners. They were already all making six figure earners in my circle and they were all coming to me for advice on how to be able to scale from ten thousand dollars a month to a hundred thousand dollars a month, okay? To go from ten thousand to a hundred thousand.I often found myself teaching very, very, very technical. Very technical and pleasing that handful of people. When I surveyed my email list, I found out that the vast majority, had never even made a dollar online. We're talking like over eighty percent of people on my email list that responded to the survey, had never even made a dollar online. Here I was being a mismatch. Yes I was being me, but there is multiple versions of me. There is aversion of me that can tailor two beginners. There is a version of me that can tailor to my audience in advance. There is a version of me that can keep things simple and basic and easy to understand and there is another version of me that can just get lost in a world of, you know, basically just going all over the place, Okay?I had to learn. I had to learn exactly what my list was looking for. You got to be a combination of you and a combination of what your list is looking for. The best way to do that is to number one, track where people are coming in from. You kind of got to gauge about your email list, okay? Track where they're coming in from. You can even segment your list. We'll talk a little about segmenting in one of the seven tips. You can segment your list so that some of the emails you send are advanced some are beginners stuff like that. You want to learn about your list and you also want to survey them from time to time. You don't need to survey them all the time but survey them from time to time so you can learn a little bit about them and learn a little about what they're looking for. What is it they want to learn.Simple questions like, you know, how many of you have made, you know, are looking to make your first hundred dollars online? How many of you are looking to go from a thousand dollars a month to ten thousand? How many of you are looking to make ten thousand dollars a month to looking to making over? I think you will be surprised to learn a little bit about your list. Once you do, tailor to them while mixing in a little personality from yourself, okay? The majority of the emails should be tailored to them but a little bit of your personality should be in there, Okay? That's one big thing. Be yourself, but know your audience.The fourth thing I want to do is teach you to not worry about being great or amazing or an expert, okay. This is ... What I want you to do is this, focus on getting good. Just focus on getting good. Remember the first step is to focus on getting started, okay. That's why I said the fourth thing here I am telling you is focus on getting good, focus on getting good and then going from good to great an then going from great to an expert, okay. But focus on just getting good, you do not need to be an expert. When you here people talking about advanced strategies about list segmentation and the most cutting-edge tiles to get the highest open rates and exactly how many cost to action put in and the exact way the paragraph should be structured and then all these resources and courses you can go study copy writing. Is all these stuff helpful? Yeah. But that stuff is really only helpful to take you from good to great.First you got to get to good. To get to good, you've got to learn the basics and the principles of email marketing . Start building a list and learning the basics and then you've got to get hands-on experience. As long as you do that, as long as you learn the basic principles of email marketing and you actually start doing it, you take action, you going to get good, okay. That's how you're going to get good. Then once you get good and you get the hang of it, that's how you going to go from good to great. Is then you're going to learn how to be able to do things like segment different emails to different sections of your list. You're going to learn to do things like split test titles to see which ones get the biggest open rates. You going to learn to do things like how to be able to change up your course to action to be able to get the most people clicking. The next thing you know, you sending an email and you getting the highest open rates and the highest click to rates and the highest conversion rates and the most sales and you're dominating contest and you're structured and you're leaning all about sequences and bonuses and all these things.What good is that, if you're not actually taking action on it? Like I said, let me repeat this first steps. Number one, start today, and start simple. You must force yourself to start today. It will require getting out of your comfort zone for ninety percent of you, okay. Ten percent of you are like, dude, Chris of course I already have an email list, doesn't everybody? No! Most people do not, so start today and start simple. The second thing is, understand your long-term subscriber value. Understand what's called L.T.V. Understand that it's a long-term game, okay. You don't need to worry about month one month two month three. It's a long-term game. The next one is, be yourself, but know your audience well. You're tailoring to your audience and you're sprinkling in elements of yourself. That's what you're doing. You're tailoring to your audience meeting their needs but sprinkling in your personality.Then the fourth thing is, focus on getting good before you get great. Focus on getting good, before you get great. Now, I am going to sum up this for the beginners that are watching right now. Listen. Do not get overwhelmed by this. If you need to watch this module a few times, watch it a few times. The goal here is to inspire you to start building an email marketing list so that you can start making money by either promoting your own stuff for sale to your list, or promoting other people's products for sale. Remember, like I said in the beginning, in order to make money, you need to make sales. In order to make sales, you need to drive traffic to an offer. And the best way to drive traffic, in my opinion, that is duplicatable, is building an email list.Of courser there is other other ways like buying advertising and running Ads direct, but if you build an email list, you then have an asset that can be worth a lot of money over time. My stats currently show that a fifty thousand person email list to me, that I built using these strategies, is worth over a million dollars per year. I have no idea hoe big you're going to build, and I have no idea how much is going to be worth to to you. All I know is, once you start making money, do like I am doing, and just keep 10xing that list. With That being said, let's jump into the power point slide and let's talk about seven steps to be able to generate a ten thousand-person email marketing list.

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