Fast Business Skills for Entrepreneurs and Business Lovers

A collection of necessary skills if you plan to start a business or grow your existing one.
Course Created by Hooman

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Fast business skills is your shortcut to success in the business world. This course is full of straight to the point and easy to understand business tips that every business man or woman should know to make the most amount of money and grow. This course covers a lot of ground including:
  • Costly mistakes that everyone makes in business
  • Over 5 strategies to increase sales which you can apply today
  • Most powerful tips that save you a ton of money
  • The right definition of new business concepts
  • Explanation for the most common business processes 
  • Ways to help you get ahead in the game
  • And a lot more 
This course is designed to be a collection of execution plans that you can go through fast and apply to your business. We would discuss the winning mindsets in business too which is the fine line between making a lot of money and just surviving. Whether you are thinking about starting a business or if you have your own business up and running this course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and tools you need to make things work and profitable.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the working business models
  • Learn and execute modern business strategies
  • Learn the new and modern necessary business concepts
  • Learn the latest tips in the world of business
  • Tips on increasing sales and conversion
  • How to approach building a business the right way
  • Vital mistakes that causes 9 out of 10 businesses to fail

Who Is This For?

  • Those who want to learn about business.
  • Those who want to start a business
  • Those who already have a business and want to take it to a new level

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Business Concepts

  • Lesson 1
    One Unit
  • Lesson 2
    Invest to Win
  • Lesson 3
    Niche market
  • Lesson 4
    Markup Vs Margin
  • Lesson 5
    Market Research
  • Lesson 6
    Confort Zone
  • Lesson 7
    Engineer Vs Businessman
  • Lesson 8
    Conversion Rate
  • Lesson 9
    Invest to Win
  • Lesson 10
    What is a Lead
  • Lesson 11
    Find Business Ides
  • Lesson 12
    Basic Rule of Business
  • Lesson 13
    Build Assets
  • Lesson 14
    Build Systems

Chapter 2: Practical Stuff

  • Lesson 15
    Double Your Sales
  • Lesson 16
    Do Not Touch It!
  • Lesson 17
    Find Business Ides
  • Lesson 18
    Find The Bottleneck
  • Lesson 19
    Productivity Tip
  • Lesson 20
    Facebook Ads
  • Lesson 21
    Customer Support

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)