Interactive Human Resource Dashboard with Excel

Create a powerful interactive dashboard for HR data with Excel Pivot Tables
Course Created by Ian Littlejohn
Ian is a trainer that specializes in Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence tools and techniques making it easy for learners to harness the power of Excel PivotTables, PivotCharts, PowerPivot, Power Query and PowerView.

Ian has been training learners on these powerful technologies for a number of years making it easy for the business user to easily create management reports, develop interactive dashboards and generate new insight and intelligence from business data.

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Interactive Human Resource Dashboard in Excel

Learn to create a powerful interactive dashboard for Human Resource data using simple drag and drop technology.  This course for all Excel users who want to learn how to analyse HR data and create interactive dashboards. In this course we will teach you how to construct dashboards using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
The course uses an Employee Master file of 49 employees.  You will learn to create key metrics such as the number of employees, average age, average length of service and average salary.  You will learn to create a trend graph displaying the number of employees hired by year.  You will also learn how to create an age analysis displaying the number of employees by age groupings such as 20-29, 30-39 and so on.  The final chart displays the number of employees who earn specific ranges of salaries such as 20K to 30K, 30K to 40K etc.
The last lesson shows you how to create an interactive dashboard using fields such as Department, Gender and Marital Status using powerful Slicer technology.

Course Objectives

  • Create a powerful Human Resource dashboard
  • Use simple drag and drop technology. No complex coding or VBA
  • Learn to create key metrics for a HR dashboard
  • Create a Trend graph displaying Number of Employees Hired by Year
  • Create an Age Analysis by Gender
  • Create a Salary Analysis
  • Learn to use powerful Slicer technology

Who Is This For?

  • Excel users
  • Human Resource practitioners
  • Business users who develop reports and dashboards

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1
    Overview of the HR Dashboard

Chapter 2: Creating the HR Dashboard

  • Lesson 2
    Creating the Key Metrics
  • Lesson 3
    Number of Employees Hired p…
  • Lesson 4
    Age Analysis by Gender
  • Lesson 5
    Salary Analysis
  • Lesson 6
    Interactive Slicers

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)