Introduction to Arabic Course I For beginners (Arabic alphabet)

Arabic Course #1
Course Created by Fadi Char

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Introduction to Arabic Basics A1.1:
  • This course is just introductory course to Arabic II ! which is going to be the main course.
Welcome everyone , I hope that you will enjoy learning here and ask for more too ! You will take this course in order to learn Arabic Basics , and what i mean by basics is that you will able to read Arabic letters, how to write them , Arabic numbers and how to spell them also , beside beginners sentences such as introduction sentences and couple words that you need to use for example in the airport , restaurant or even in the street , plus how to greet your self to others.Why you should take this course ?Watch the video , please check out the free preview so you would have at least an idea about what i'm teaching , If you wondering what Arabic language is , its the most important language if you want to work in Middle East including Gulf , where you want to go there for business !The course is so easy to learn , very flexible where you can take it whenever you want , in anytime you like and very cheap comparing to other real courses, instead of paying lots of $$ , you will be able to learn Arabic for almost 50$ , this + other course going to be published soon.In this course you will be able to learn for more than 130 minutes , over 60 questions in quizzes including multiple choices and true/false questions.The course will be able to teach you how to pronounce letters and combine them together in order to make words, then you will try to make sentences by your self .Learning Arabic is fun , you have to be motivated and ready to earn such weird and unique experience.. this is when you become different.I would love also to communicate with all students, who have questions or anything in mind, we can share ideas on forms and we might be able to do Live Sessions , beside that you can reach me always via e-mail so i would respond to any questions directly through my phone.I hope that you will enjoy this course , i will try to do my best and wish you very good luck here !
Fadi G. Char

Course Objectives

  • This is the first step to learn important language !
  • Working in Dubai or Arab World ? You must take this
  • Language psycho ? Take this

Who Is This For?

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction To Arabic Language

  • Lesson 1
    Introduction to Arabic

Chapter 2: Lets start with Arabic Alphabet

  • Lesson 2
    Arabic Alphabets
  • Lesson 3
    Arabic Alphabets 2
  • Lesson 4
    Connections and letters
  • Lesson 5
    Connections Part 2

Chapter 3: How to write ?

  • Lesson 6
    Start writing Arabic letters
  • Lesson 7
    Perfect way to write

Chapter 4: Introducing

  • Lesson 8
    Start introducing your self…

Chapter 5: Reading !

  • Lesson 9
    Okay , lets read some words

Chapter 6: WH Questions

  • Lesson 10
    Ask me a question !

Chapter 7: Important sentences

  • Lesson 11
    Sentences to use

Chapter 8: Numbers

  • Lesson 12
    Yes , Arabic numbers are di…

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)