Mastering Black-and-White

Black-and-white is so much more than removing color
Course Created by Rob Sheppard
My mission is to show people how to create compelling photos, especially of nature. I believe we all have a unique vision to share through photography and that the craft of photography matters if you want your photos to communicate at their best. Great photography is about finding ways to create meaning in your photography and connect people with the natural world.

I have been busy over the years creating over 40 books related to photography, including Landscape Photography: From Snapshot to Great Shot, The Magic of Digital Nature Photography, and the National Geographic Field Guide to Digital Photography.

I get around as a speaker and workshop leader, and I am a Fellow with the North American Nature Photography Association. I was the long-time editor of the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine and presently am a contributing editor.

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Black-and-white photography is not just a classic and beautiful way of capturing the world, it is also fun! And it can make anyone, even someone who usually only shoots color, a better photographer. Good black-and-white work has little to do with removing color. It is about looking for and creating contrasts that define and structure a black-and-white composition. Learning to see in black-and-white helps any photographer create stronger images, but it especially helps the black-and-white decision-making process starting from when you press the shutter release and continuing through the translation of color images into black-and-white. In this course, you will learn what it takes to create great black-and-white images right from the start, including why and how to shoot in black-and-white. There is an important trick you will learn that will give you both a color and a black-and-white image at the same time as you shoot so that you can take both back to the computer with you. You will learn the key contrasts that will quickly help you master black-and-white. And you will learn how to truly translate color images into effective black-and-white photos in Lightroom (and Camera Raw), Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Silver Efex Pro. 

Course Objectives

  • To master black-and-white photography by learning and applying the key contrasts needed for black-and-white.
  • To learn how to shoot in black-and-white so that you learn to see in black-and-white and become a better photographer.
  • To learn how to use light effectively for black-and-white.
  • To learn the difference between removing color and translating colors into shades of gray for optimum black-and-white work.
  • To learn how to translate color into black-and-white with Lightroom (and Camera Raw), Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Silver Efex Pro.

Who Is This For?

  • Any photographer who wants to get more from his photography by stepping out from the "usual" color shots into mastering black-and-white. You need to have a basic understanding of your camera and the computer.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Understanding Black-and-White

  • Lesson 1
    How Color and Black-and-Whi…
  • Lesson 2
    How to Think About Black-an…
  • Lesson 3
    Shooting in Black-and-White

Chapter 2: Black-and-White Contrast

  • Lesson 4
    Three Contrasts

Chapter 3: Using Light Effectively with Black-and-White

  • Lesson 5
    Seeing the Light
  • Lesson 6
    Separation Light
  • Lesson 7
    Dramatic Light
  • Lesson 8
  • Lesson 9

Chapter 4: Converting Color to Black-and-White: It's Not About Removing Color

  • Lesson 10
    Getting Started
  • Lesson 11
    Using Lightroom and Camera Raw
  • Lesson 12
    Using Photoshop
  • Lesson 13
    Using Photoshop Elements
  • Lesson 14
    Using Silver Efex Pro

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)