Microsoft Excel VBA Fundamental Course

Learn and get noticed by your top management.
Course Created by Chee Yong Lau
Microsoft Excel Corporate trainer

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It's time to upgrade your skill.

I have invested ten of thousand in learning to teach. and now it is the time that I share what I learn since my college time.

If you are using Excel for more than one years on daily basis, I refer you as intermediate user and if you do use Excel for more than one year, you should upgrade your skill to next level.

In my country, Malaysia, I worked as a Microsoft Excel corporate trainer, it is when I trained the finance staff at each corporate, I began to realize this - How wonderful would it be if they know the secret of Ms Excel that I know - the Excel VBA/Macro.

Excel Macro is secret tool used by many accountants, chemist, engineers to automate lots of the data process task. I have coded project for chemical company, retail, finance institute and as well as developed some powerful tools to ease my daily marketing task.

Do you want to get noticed by top management & prospective employers? I did, I have helped corporate to reduce their to process data from 2 months to 5 minutes, 3 days to 1 minutes. If you want to achieve this result, you got to start somewhere, you got to find someone really good at programming and teaching - I have both skill. My profession as a corporate trainer will help you do just that.

There are 7 different chapters which include 30++ short tutorials so you can work on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths whenever you have a spare moment.

Each chapter was designed to let you understand and practise to write your VBA code easily.
Each tutorial comes with Excel workbook so you can follow along.

So go ahead and learn from the following in depth Macro subjects: 
1 The first step - record macro
2 The object world and concept
3 Navigate between cells
4 The path control
5 The Looping structure
6 How to do more with less - leveraging other's people work
7 Bonus ^_^

You can do more with Excel, see you soon.
Best rgds,
Kent Lau, Malaysian

Course Objectives

  • To help you learn Excel VBA in a easier way and potentially helps you save lots of time to process datas.

Who Is This For?

  • Finance students, Data analyst, finance analyst, accountant, anyone who use Excel on daily basis.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Understand the Object concept

  • Lesson 1
    The Worksheets object

Chapter 2: NAVIGATION and Simple Calculation

  • Lesson 2
    Select a Cell with macro code
  • Lesson 3
    Simple Calculation in Macro
  • Lesson 4
    Simple Calculation 2 -Decla…

Chapter 3: Manupulating with Worksheets Object

  • Lesson 5
    Calculation 3
  • Lesson 6
    Transfering data between di…

Chapter 4: Introduction to Variable

  • Lesson 7
    Transfer Data from one work…
  • Lesson 8
    Summing a Range of Cells
  • Lesson 9
    Joining Text
  • Lesson 10
    Joining Text and Number

Chapter 5: Path Control - The IF function in Programming Language

  • Lesson 11
    Simple IF Example
  • Lesson 12
    Simple IF Example Part 2
  • Lesson 13
    IF Example Part 3

Chapter 6: Looping - Repeating works

  • Lesson 14
    Loop Part 1 - Insert Multip…
  • Lesson 15
    Loop Part 2 - Insert Multip…
  • Lesson 16
    Insert Multiple Sheets Part 3
  • Lesson 17
    2nd Type of Loop - Do .. Lo…
  • Lesson 18
    3rd Type of Loop - Do While…
  • Lesson 19
    For Loop and AND Function 01
  • Lesson 20
    For Loop and AND Function 02
  • Lesson 21
    For Loop and AND Function 03
  • Lesson 22
    For Loop and AND Function 04

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)