Problem-solving and Decision-making Strategies

Adapt to every situation. Generate, evaluate, and choose between alternativ
Course Created by Sorin Dumitrascu

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This course gives you exactly what you need to improve your problem-solving and decision-making habits. It gives you models and techniques that you can use in real life professional and personal situations. 

It's all about providing a practical framework for improvement and for creating positive habits in problem-solving and decision-making. This is part of a larger skills for life program, and it helped people in very difficult situations or looking to get better at what they do. 
The 4+ hours of video content with a focus on practice will help you learn: 
  1. problem-solving and decision-making models
  2. how to avoid mind and process traps and 
  3. how to use decision-making strategies.
You will learn to use a methodical approach to reach the best decisions by: 
  1. establishing a context for success
  2. framing the issue properly
  3. generating alternatives
  4. evaluating these alternatives and 
  5. choosing the best option.
And, this course gives you the most effective and popular tools for decision-making: 
  1. nominal group technique
  2. return on investment technique
  3. devil's advocate technique
  4. plus-minus-interesting analysis and 
  5. ease-and-effect technique.
The problem-solving model helps you understand what the problem is, identify causes and opportunities, generate solutions, evaluate and choose the best solution, and implement and monitor your actions. So, you get 2 conceptual models - one for problem solving and other for decision-making - and 5 techniques. 

With practice and quiz work you will learn in maximum 7 hours a way to make your life better. 
This course is for everyone, no special requirements. Come with an open mind and focus on developing your problem-solving and decision-making.

Course Objectives

  • At the end of my course, students will be able to use a problem-solving model, key problem-solving skills and avoid problem-solving traps
  • At the end of my course, students will be able to adapt personal decision-making style to every situation, and use various decision-making tools and techniques to generate, evaluate, and choose between alternative courses of action

Who Is This For?

  • If you want to develop or improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills this course is for you

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Problem-solving tools and techniques

  • Lesson 1
    Problem-solving fundamentals
  • Lesson 2
    The problem-solving model
  • Lesson 3
    Problem-solving techniques
  • Lesson 4
    Problem-solving mind traps
  • Lesson 5
    Problem-solving mind traps …
  • Lesson 6
    Dealing with problem-solvin…
  • Lesson 7
    Problem-solving process traps
  • Lesson 8
    Problem-solving competencies
  • Lesson 9
    Problem solving skills

Chapter 2: Effective decission-making

  • Lesson 10
    Decision-making fundamentals
  • Lesson 11
    Effective decision-making
  • Lesson 12
    Decision-making process
  • Lesson 13
    Decision-making steps
  • Lesson 14
    Decision-making styles
  • Lesson 15
    Using decision-making styles
  • Lesson 16
    Adapting your decision-maki…
  • Lesson 17
    Choosing the right decision…
  • Lesson 18
    Steps in adapting your deci…

Chapter 3: Decision-making tools and techniques

  • Lesson 19
    Decision-making tools and t…
  • Lesson 20
    Dealing with alternatives i…
  • Lesson 21
    Tools in decision-making pr…
  • Lesson 22
    Nominal group technique
  • Lesson 23
    Return on investment technique
  • Lesson 24
    Devil's Advocate Technique
  • Lesson 25
    PMI Analysis and Ease-and-e…

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  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)