Starting & Managing a Software Business for Non-Developers

An Interview With Gobala Krishnan, CEO of Kreydle
Course Created by Gobala Krishnan
I am the founder of Kreydle, where we make killer applications and software for entrepreneurs.

I made my first affiliate commission in 2001 with Commission Junction, and have since explored the affiliate marketing industry as a seller dependent on affiliates, a service provider for super affiliates, and also as the owner of an affiliate network.

So I pretty much understand every aspect of affiliate marketing, niche marketing, website building, WordPress, copywriting, e-commerce and SEO. I want to share my expertise, experience, successes and failures with you.

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This is an exclusive interview with me (Gobala Krishnan, founder and CEO of Kreydle). In this interview I share with my entrepreneurial journey from how I became hooked on Internet marketing and pivoted to becoming a software company that focuses on building SaaS for small business.

Course Objectives

  • Know how to overcome your biggest fears and how to use it as a main driver to motivate yourself to achieve your goals
  • Learn how you can effectively handle financial stress, by given case studies in this course
  • Discover the best methods to promote your software and generate six figure income to your business
  • Discover what is the main sales driver for software development companies
  • Proven methods to identify the right time to use free trial.
  • Challenges faced during my journey and gained experiences in SaaS sector as an entrepreneur
  • Importance of failing faster, and how it saves your time and money
  • 3 essential tools to effectively run SaaS business operations
  • Learn how Kreydle uses Objectives and Key Results method to clarify direction for employees as well as tracking objectives and its outcomes
  • Effective branding to boost companies image and culture

Who Is This For?

  • Entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their product to advanced level
  • Beginners who want to know more about how to start a software business as well as how software development company functions

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Part 1

  • Lesson 1
    Path I Came Through
  • Lesson 2
    Build Measure Learn
  • Lesson 3
    Success Starts With Failure

Chapter 2: Part 2

  • Lesson 4
    Lessons Learnt Throughout T…
  • Lesson 5
    Major Challenges Faced by S…
  • Lesson 6
    Travel Back in Time
  • Lesson 7
    Essential Tools for SaaS De…

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)