The A, B, C's of IPv6!

This course is geared for Cisco's, CCNA (200-120) certification exam. It will show the fundementals of IPv6 addressing and configuration
Course Created by Lazaro Diaz
I am a Network Engineer with over 14+ years in the field and in the teaching industry. I hold the following certifications: CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, Security+, Network+, A+, MCP, MCTS & MOS.

I am also the author of “The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!”, ...currently available on Amazon.

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This course is approximately 4 hours in length and will cover IPv6 protocol in detail. I will compare the differences between the IPv4 to IPv6, and the benefits that IPv6 brings to the future of networking. Students will get a thorough understanding of IPv6 and how we would implement it in a real world environment. We will discuss the format of an IPv6 address, and breakdown the different components, like the Network Prefix, Interface ID, what each 16 bit section does and specifically the subnetting section of IPv6. We will learn about the new types of addresses that comes with IPv6, its configurations using RIPng, EIGRP for IPv6, OSPFv3 using both static assigned addresses and the EUI-64 format. We will also learn about the transition methods such as ISATAP, 6to4, and NAT-PT. This is a lecture based course using the Touch-IT Technology Smart board, which will make learning very interactive and engaging. Hands on labs will be used to drill down the concepts learned in each lecture using Cisco’s Packet Tracer. My method will make you feel like you are sitting in a classroom environment and give the most needed hands on experience! Handouts will be available to facilitate learning and practice. This course will help the student become familiar with the use of IPv6, recognizing IPv6 addresses and how to implement them in your environment…but it will also help in preparing for any networking certification or Computer Science Degree; not to mention the fact that for those already in the field, it will further improve routing decisions in their particular networks.

Course Objectives

  • Once you finish my course, you will have a strong grasp on the concepts of IPv6 and methods to use in different networking environments. You will be able to configure any of the routing protocols discussed using IPv6. You will learn how to dual stack your router using both IPv4 and IPv6 to help in the transition to a fully implemented IPv6 environment.
  • The understanding of IPv6 is an essential element for any Networking and/or IT Professional. This course will prepare the student for any networking certification such as N+, CCNA, MCSE to include any Computer Science Degree.

Who Is This For?

  • This course is intended for anyone that is preparing for a network certification or Computer Science Degree. However, it does go beyond that, it is also intended for those Networking and/or IT Professionals that are already in the field and need a better understanding of IPv6.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Review of IPv4

  • Lesson 1
    Introduction to the ABC's o…
  • Lesson 2
    How is an IPv4 address form…
  • Lesson 3
    The Classes of Addresses
  • Lesson 4
    Subnetting in IPv4

Chapter 2: Understanding IPv6

  • Lesson 5
    The need for IPv6
  • Lesson 6
    The Format Of An IPv 6 Address
  • Lesson 7
    Types of Addresses
  • Lesson 8
    Special Addresses

Chapter 3: IPv6 configuration

  • Lesson 9
    Configuring a router with I…
  • Lesson 10
    Configuring a router with I…

Chapter 4: IPv6 Routing Protocols

  • Lesson 11
    Configuring a router with I…
  • Lesson 12
    Configuring RIPng on our Ro…
  • Lesson 13
    Configuring EIGRP for IPv6
  • Lesson 14
    Configuring OSPFv3 on our R…

Chapter 5: Transition Mechanism

  • Lesson 15
    Transitioning to the IPv6 W…

Chapter 6: Subnetting in IPv6

  • Lesson 16
    Do we need to subnet in IPv6?
  • Lesson 17
    How To Subnet In I Pv 6
  • Lesson 18
    Summarization Of The ABCs O…

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  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)