The complete iOS Core Data course using Swift

A complete guide in learning how to build data driven iOS and Cocoa apps
Course Created by Fahir

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Are you struggling to learn how to make data driven apps for iOS and Cocoa? Do you want to learn how can you implement Core Data in your project but you don't know where to start? Then this is the course for you. In this course you will not learn basics of Core Data, you will learn all of the advanced features of Core Data. Core Data is a framework that apple uses for data driven iOS and Cocoa applications. If you are an apple developer then it is essential for you to know how to implement this framework in your applications, and that's why we will not only explore how to implement core data when we check that " Use Core Data " check box, we will build our own Core Data Stack and that way get to know the Core of Core Data. Topics Covered
  • Modeling
  • Fetching
  • Editing
  • Deleting
  • Displaying data in user interface
  • Sorting
  • Advanced Fetching
  • Asynchronous Fetching
  • Syncing table views with Core Data
  • Migration
If you already know how to make basic iOS apps, join this course to become a professional data driven app developer.

Course Objectives

  • 1- Write data driven iOS and Cocoa Applications, 2- Model data in the model editor, 3 - Create a Core Data Stack from ground up, 4 - Edit and Delete in Core Data, 5 - Create relationships between entities, 6 - Sort fetched data, 7 - Search for a specific item in Core Data, 8 - Use asynchronous fetching to not interrupt the main thread, 9 - Sync Table views with Core Data, 10 - Migrate Core Data

Who Is This For?

  • This is not an entry level course, I expect you to know your way around xcode and swift. I expect you to know about delegation,table views, key/value coding, target/action, you dont need to be an expert in those things but you need to be able to look those things up when you need them. However, I dont expect you to know anything about core data. So if you're looking to upgrade your skills in apple development and learn how to write data driven applications you are in the right place

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Intro to core data

  • Lesson 1
    Benefits of Core Data
  • Lesson 2
    ManagedObject and ManagedOb…
  • Lesson 3
    Benefits of Core Data 2
  • Lesson 4
    Data types
  • Lesson 5
    Subclassing NSManagedObject

Chapter 2: Creating our own core data stack

  • Lesson 6
    Core Data Stack Intro
  • Lesson 7
    Core Data Stack
  • Lesson 8
    Finishing our Core Data Stack

Chapter 3: Editing and deleting in core data

  • Lesson 9
    Deleting items in Core Data
  • Lesson 10
    Editing items in Core Data
  • Lesson 11

Chapter 4: Advanced fetching

  • Lesson 12
    Ordering our data
  • Lesson 13
    Searching for a specific it…
  • Lesson 14
    Creating fetch request temp…
  • Lesson 15
    Asynchronous fetching
  • Lesson 16

Chapter 5: NSFetchedResultsController

  • Lesson 17
    NSFetchedResultsController …
  • Lesson 18
  • Lesson 19
    Grouping our data into sect…

Chapter 6: Migration

  • Lesson 20
    Lightweight Migration

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)