The Secrets of Habits

Create long lasting habits using time-tested psychological techniques
Course Created by Bogdan Vaida
Experiential trainer with more than 5 years experience in the field (has held training sessions in organizations such as Business Administration College, Toastmasters, Avantaj la start, Zenf, Jobshop, Economia de la A la NOI L.S.F.E.E., Impulsul, FiiLiber, BEST, OSUT)

Founder of the following projects:
A website dedicated to personal development based on your personality type.
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1st Romanian website dedicated to personal productivity. It offers materials on productivity, efficiency, motivation and concentration.
The first online time management course in Romania!
The main purpose of the Secrets of Motivation training is to make you an achiever, a person who can be self-motivated for long periods of time.

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I FAILED at going to the gym 3 times per week.

I FAILED at getting out of the bed when the alarm went out.

I FAILED at trying to make changes last.

And I wasn't alone in this. I was one of the many people who failed to keep their commitments, especially the commitments to themselves.
Then I started learning about myself. I studied hundreds of books and I've done numerous mini projects to test my limits. From leaving a chocolate on my nightstand to publishing and my jogging sessions on social media.

I've studied techniques on the internet. Some of them work, some of them don’t. Some might work for others but may or may not work for you.
Developing effective habits is a challenge in itself. This course is here to guide you into implementing effective, down–to-earth strategies to achieve your goals.

This is not a listing of hundreds of techniques. In this course we talk about practical things, the things that work.

Things like:

- habit linking ­> an effective strategy to remember your habit at the exact moment you need to activate it
- the 3 elements of a habit ­> the only theory in the course (but we aren't stopping here, after this lesson you’ll be able to better understand your   habitual actions and how to rewrite them according to your needs)
- the SBS technique and how you can use it to keep yourself motivated over long periods of time

All of the techniques come from personal experience.

In this course I’ll tell you how I lost 22 pounds, how I exercise daily (and how you can too, in only 30 minutes) and you’ll get useful bonuses, bonuses that will complement the content of the course.

The Challenge!

After you've internalized the necessary strategies for breeding long-lasting habits and gone through the practical exercises, then you are
ready for the secret challenge. In this challenge you’ll have to implement a simple habit starting from the first day. At the end of your first month, if you've implemented the habit daily, you’ll win a prize and a place in the Hall of Fame.

Note that this is not a guide for eliminating bad habits (though some principles found here might be useful in doing just that).
This guide offers practical strategies to get your first successes. And after the first few steps, the others will come easily.

Join this course now and create your own habit in the first lesson.

See you in the private section.

Course Objectives

  • Practical project: create one long lasting habit that survives the first 30 days
  • Learn how to program your brain to always remember your healthy habit
  • Develop an ironclad willpower and the motivation that gets the job done

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone interested in what drives human behavior
  • Anyone having trouble keeping their habits

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Forming long lasting habits

  • Lesson 1
    Habit linking secrets
  • Lesson 2
    The 3 elements of a habit PAR
  • Lesson 3
    FUN: Link the P with the P
  • Lesson 4
    Practical exercise: linking…
  • Lesson 5
    BONUS: Eliminate decision-m…


  • Lesson 6
    Practical exercise: choose …
  • Lesson 7
    How to exercise daily, no m…
  • Lesson 8
  • Lesson 9
    BONUS: The only motivationa…
  • Lesson 10
    BONUS: The SBS Technique

Chapter 3: Start your habit NOW!

  • Lesson 11
    Willpower Jedi mind tricks
  • Lesson 12
    Happiness and performance
    3 pages
  • Lesson 13
    Start your habit now!

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)