Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Pro: For beginners

Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro. Start to make your own videos.
Course Created by Uri Soglowek
Since 1993, I have dedicated myself to learning and teaching how to shoot and edit professional video to people that who have no understanding in the subject without getting them all confused with the technical nomenclature.

Today every Mobile Phone has the ability to become a production platform and online video is the biggest, most expanding communication line of the planet.

My way of teaching is usually, taking you, the viewer with me while I do a whole project, from begging to end, utilising the same techniques I used as an instructor to get you to be able to do the get the job done and use and apply the tools with confidence.

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This FREE basic course will cover everything you need to know so you can start and edit your videos.
In this beginning editing video course, I will take you through the basic skills you need to know for using Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will learn:
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Overview
  • How to Start a new Project
  • How to Organize your videos
  • What Is the Timeline?
And all the Basic Editing Tools you need to know!
Please Let me know if you have any questions

Course Objectives

  • In this course, You will learn how to organize your video files and projects.
  • In this course, You will learn basic video editing techniques.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to make your own videos!
  • More than 1.5 hours of content!

Who Is This For?

  • Beginning Video Editors
  • Any Person that want to edit his videos (traveling videos, family videos) etc.
  • Any person who wants to get into video production.
  • Video Editors moving from other editing software to Adobe Premiere.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Setting up

  • Lesson 1
    1. Setting up your folders …

Chapter 2: Adobe Premiere Pro: Basics

  • Lesson 2
    3. Understanding the interf…
  • Lesson 3
    2. Opening a Premiere pro P…
  • Lesson 4
    4. What is the Project wind…
  • Lesson 5
    5. The New Item Button and …
  • Lesson 6
    6. Using the Project window…

Chapter 3: Adobe Premiere Pro: Editing tools

  • Lesson 7
    7. The source monitor
  • Lesson 8
    8. Subclipping
  • Lesson 9
    9. Building the rough cut
  • Lesson 10
    10A. The Basic Tools part A
  • Lesson 11
    10B. The basic tools part B…
  • Lesson 12
    11. The Effects Control window
  • Lesson 13
    12A. Creating Titles
  • Lesson 14
    12B. Animating Titles
  • Lesson 15
    13. Importing and Editing s…
  • Lesson 16
    14. How to add and editing …

Chapter 4: Export your video

  • Lesson 17
    15. Exporting the video

  •   Lifetime access to all lessons!
  •   30 days money back guarantee!
  •   Accessible via iPhone, iPad and Android (soon!)