Working with Aggressive People

Manage with success verbal assailants, dirty diggers, hotheads, knowledge w
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If you feel frustrated by the interactions with your co-workers or people outside your work, and you feel that you cannot fight daily aggressions, don't despair. Hostile and passive aggressors can be defeated.

This course teaches you how to handle with success:
  1. verbal assailants, 
  2. dirty diggers, 
  3. hotheads, 
  4. knowledge wardens, 
  5. unresponsive aggressors, and 
  6. wafflers 
both in the workplace and in your life.We are going to analyze together 6 types of aggressors to understand their characteristics and strategies to deal with aggressors. For each type we are going to practice coping and response strategies.

The course includes video lectures, case studies, written materials and quizzes, and teaches you, in no more than 2 hours, 17 strategies to deal with the openly hostile and the sneaky passive aggressors.

So, if you are looking to improve your working environment and your life by managing aggressors, this course is for you.

Course Objectives

  • After completing this course, you will be able to work with hostile-aggressive people: verbal assailants, dirty diggers and hotheads.
  • After completing this topic, you will be able to work with passive-aggressive people: knowledge wardens, unresponsive aggressors and wafflers.

Who Is This For?

  • This course is for business and public relations professionals, managers and executives, but mainly for services and front-line workers.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1
    About the Course
  • Lesson 2
    Course Overview

Chapter 2: Active Aggressors

  • Lesson 3
    Verbal Assailants
  • Lesson 4
    Handling Verbal Assailants
  • Lesson 5
    Dirty Diggers
  • Lesson 6
    Dealing with Dirty Diggers
  • Lesson 7
  • Lesson 8
    Working for Hotheads

Chapter 3: Passive Aggressors

  • Lesson 9
    Recognizing passive aggressors
  • Lesson 10
    Knowledge Wardens
  • Lesson 11
    Working with Knowledge Wardens
  • Lesson 12
    Unresponsive Aggressors
  • Lesson 13
    Coping with Unresponsive Ag…
  • Lesson 14
  • Lesson 15
    Dealing with the Waffler

Chapter 4: Next Steps

  • Lesson 16
    Working with Aggressive People

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