Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is eduPOW?

    eduPOW is a online publishing platform that empowers everyone everywhere to learn what they love, by connecting them to authors/teachers/trainers/anyone with a knowledge to share. Anyone can then learn courses that are properly structured along with purpose build social network and gamification to increase course engagement. It is the only digital learning platform of such kind in the world.

    So if you are a teacher/trainer/education or just someone who has the knowledge of a certain topic, get on board today and start leveraging on eduPOW platform.

    If you want to learn what you love, then sign up and stay tune as more courses comes on eduPOW! Also, do spread the word around because the more authors and students come onboard, even more authors will come onboard as we go towards our mission of changing one billion lives in the next decade.

  2. Why can't I self publish and sell on my own website?

    There's no reason why you can't.

    But there are a lot of reasons why you should publish on eduPOW and that's because:

    • we handle all the technical issues for you so that YOU DON'T have to worry about servers, webdesign, domains, hosting, etc.
    • we've made it really easy to use and get started so that YOU DON'T have to learn a single html code and CAN get started immediately. You can start publishing your course within minutes with our drag and drop system.
    • we help to drive tons of traffic (we're talking millions and millions of people) to eduPOW so that YOU CAN leverage and capitalize on this.
    • when students sign up for courses on eduPOW, they will discover your course as well!
    • we are forever improving our platform so that YOU ARE assured of providing the best experience to your students.
    • we are pushing hard for our social responsibility initiative so that YOU WILL be part of something bigger than yourself and leave your mark on humanity.
    • and because we are so darn AWESOME, and so ARE YOU!

  3. What is so different about eduPOW vs other existing online learning platforms?

    eduPOW is at the forefront of the digital learning industry by pioneering social responsibility and integrating it with social elements and gamification within a strategic pricing business model.

    We are here to redesign and democratize this industry to benefit everyone from authors to students.

    Of course some of the reasons in the question before this applies as well, such as we are AWESOME ☺, and that you will be part of something bigger than yourself and leave your mark on humanity!

  4. What is this Online Hackathon?
    Before we go live, we decide to hold an online global hackathon to reach out to authors around the world to come on eduPOW to publish their knowledge and courses. Think of it as a competition lasting 45 Days, where everyone can come on board to clone themselves (well, not literally, but cloning their skills and knowledge) by creating a course (or even TWO) on eduPOW to reach out to a global audience. And after that, eduPOW will then open to public to come onboard to start learning!
  5. Who can teach at eduPOW? Do I need any paper qualification?
    Anyone, and we mean just about anyone (of legal age), with knowledge/skills to share, can create a course on eduPOW. You don't need a certificate, degree or any paper qualification. However, we encourage you to teach what you love and passionate about so that you will enjoy the process and your students will love your course.
  6. What can I teach at eduPOW?

    You can teach anything non-academic, non-fiction.

    Well, if you're into academic materials, Khan Academy and Coursera are already doing a great job!

    For non-fiction, Amazon is a good place for them.

    But for everything else, from App Development, Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Fitness, Yoga, etc, you can surely teach at eduPOW!

  7. How can I teach on eduPOW?

    Simple. Just signup (for free) via your Facebook login, or create a new account with your email. Check out the resources on how to create your own course, but you don't really need to because we've built eduPOW to be really easy to use ☺

    We have even created a guide on how you can create your course easily. You can view it online or download it

  8. Does it cost me anything to create a course and sell on eduPOW?
    Nope! Creating a course is entirely free and there are never any maintenance fees nor minimum number of sales to maintain. In fact, you don't even have to pay for hosting or bandwidth costs.
  9. Is there a commitment to sell the course for a certain period of time?
    There is no time commitment, but if you sell a course, it must be kept available for users who have purchased the course, even if you stop selling it later on down the road.
  10. Why should I sell my course at $5? I don't want to brand myself that cheaply.

    Selling at $5 is not cheap, and definitely does not brand you nor imply that you are. Famous authors like Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, and so on, sell their books and audio books for around $10. I'm sure it never crosses your mind that they are cheap, right? Each product have it's own marketplace. You definitely wouldn't want to compare the pricing here with a live event such as a seminar, or training or coaching. It's a totally different product by itself.

    Furthermore, eduPOW's mission is to empower everyone everywhere with affordable education. We believe that at $5, it's a sweet spot that makes it affordable, and yet provide a decent profit for authors like you. We have been selling millions of products online and we know at $5, it's the perfect price point for you to reach out to a lot more students and still make a good living compare to selling it at $50 or even $500! You will reach out and help change 100s of thousands if not million of lives and still making more than authors that charge high price for the same course.

  11. Why should I use eduPOW and charge $5 whereas I can use other platforms and charge any amount I like?

    Firstly, we believe in the law of reciprocity. Zig Ziglar once said, "If you help enough people to get what they want, you will get what you want." and we believe every word of it.

    By allowing your course to help more people, touching more lives, and providing more value, ultimately you will be the winner here as the sheer volume of sales will more than fill up your bank account.

    We know a couple of industry where just the $5 price point increases sales by 500% more than pricing it higher which you will soon realize it will work like magic!

    Even EA Games sell their games as low as $0.99 on AppStore and still make millions compare to selling boxed up games at hundreds of dollars like they used to. And now with so many more gamers playing their games at this affordable price, they capture way even more market share than ever before!

  12. How much do I earn from selling my course?

    You retain 70% of sales earned from your course. We cover all the processing fees, hosting and delivery costs. For a more detailed scenario in the event that there is a sale/discount, you're guaranteed a certain minimum amount as mentioned in our author's terms and agreement.

    NOTE: Only during the hackathon period, after deducting the paypal processing fee, you keep 50% of the sales and 50% will go into a pool of monies where in the end will be divided into 7 top selling author in each respective categories. We do not receive a single penny.

  13. Why don't I get a higher payout if I were to promote my own course?
    The same reason why you don't get a lower payout if the customer came from us. We like to keep things simple. Why complicate things with so many different terms and conditions, right?
  14. Who retains copyright of the course materials?
    You keep all ownership of your content; we just provide the venue in which your content is displayed and presented. Since we are not a publisher (YOU are), we reserve no rights to your course content, other than the terms you agree on if you sign up to be an Teacher. These terms still don't grant us ownership of your stuff - just the rights to advertise and re-sell on your behalf.
  15. I don't own a recording studio, nor have professional equipment to record videos. What are my options?

    You don't need professional recording equipment. What's more important is the knowledge that you will be teaching. Having said that, it's also expected that the quality of the video has to be decent enough.

    Most of the smartphones today can do a pretty decent job of recording videos. Just make sure that there is sufficient lighting (a well lit room will be good enough) and minimal external sound disruption (eg wind blowing, construction works, other people talking loudly, etc).

  16. How long does it take for a product application to be approved?
    It generally takes 2-5 working days depending on the current review workload.
  17. Will eduPOW promote / feature my course?
    Although eduPOW do promote certain courses from time to time, our primary promotion is still to generate massive traffic to our eduPOW website. It's to your advantage to promote your own course actively in order to maintain a leadership position within your category, thus automatically giving you higher exposure to the massive userbase of eduPOW.
  18. When and how do I get paid?

    You will be paid via PayPal.

    You are able to request for funds to be paid to you at anytime once they become 'Available For Withdrawal'. Please allow 2-3 working days for this to be processed.

    Funds become Available For Withdrawal following the expiry of eduPOW's refund period and payment processor's refund period after the purchase of a course.

    Eg. Your customer purchases your course on the 1st April, and the expiry of the refund period, is on 1st May. Thus, your funds will be made available for withdrawal effective 1st May.

  19. What's the minimum threshold for withdrawing funds in my account?
    It's very low. It's just $0.00. Yup you've got that right. There's absolutely no minimum amount. Heck it's your monies and you deserve getting it. Tell those guys who has a minimum withdrawal amount to take a hike.
  20. Do I get paid for sales if they are refunded within 30 days?
    Nope, you are only paid for sales that are not refunded.
  21. Are there any rules as to how I should structure, format or organize my course?
    If you're looking for guidelines or examples on how to structure your course, or need an example of how to create your own course, do check out our Authors Guide.
  22. What is your refund policy?
    You can request for a refund anytime within 30 days from your date of purchase.
  23. How do I get a refund for my purchase?
    Just submit a support ticket with your Paypal transaction ID requesting for your refund with a reason why (not that it will stop us from refunding you, but it would help us improve further to create a better experience for you in the future), and we'll handle the rest.